How To Outsmart Your Cheating Husband
Gathering enough evidence to catch your cheating husband can be daunting - especially if you're dealing with a particularly clever cheater.
I'm talking about the kind of cheat that is so meticulous about erasing evidence that there is nothing left to suggest anything was out of the ordinary. The kind of cheat that keeps his car spotless, never keeps receipts, guards his computer log on with a vengeance, and routinely erases his cell phone history.
If you're sure he's cheating, but are unable to get any real evidence, you are Mobile Porn (Apetube.Mobi) simply going to have to outsmart him. Here are a few ways to do that:

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1. Visit him at work for lunch. Make sure it's completely unexpected so that he doesn't have a chance to alter his plans. If he's meeting his mistress, he'll be texting or phoning her within minutes - be observant and watch for this. Also, take note of any unexplained nervousness, blushing, or excessive sweating.

2. When he walks in the door at night, make an excuse to get close to him before he has a chance to change his clothes or shower. Can you pick up on the smell of a strange perfume? Does he appear uncomfortable when you do this?

3. Do your best to retrieve his computer password. This is likely how he's communicating with her after hours. You might even want to install special spy software that monitors his every move and reports back to you. Honestly, if you can get this kind of evidence, you won't need much else - however, without his password, your options may be limited.

4. If he is overly protective of his cell phone, that means there could be messages and phone numbers he doesn't want you to see. The problem is that if he leaves it lying around, he's likely cleared out all the evidence anyway. That means that you have to access it when he least expects it.

Wait till he pops in the shower and have a look. You could also ask him if you can borrow his cell to make a quick call - pretend you're fumbling with it while you take note of any steamy text messages or unusual numbers. This is how he's communicating with her during the day - what are the chances that there's going to be rock-solid evidence on that phone?


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