Quantum Plate for sleeping and health problems

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Quantum Plate is standardized crystal-therapy based on metal crystals.

Establishes energy flows in the body. With polarized magnetic field, emiting positive energy on the tissue cells which are depolarized because of any problem-energy disbalance in the body.

Consumers Experiences with resolving problems in these areas : headaches, bronchitis, asthma, rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, diabetes, skin allergy, neoplasms, kidneys, muscles and joints, pain and disturbances in the stomach, intestines, neck, back, arms, legs,liver, pancreas, spleen, blood pressure, circulation, potency, fertility,vitality and desire, stres, and sleep problems.


  • The plate is plastic. It has 21cm * 21cm dimensions. In the up side has an application of metal crystals like copper, magnesium, zinc, tin etc. and on the back side has magnetic application. The upside metal crystals are placed in labyrinth as shown in the photo. These are not magnets but only magnetic application.It doesn’t work on electricity, it is not plugged on any source of energy.


  • Lay on the plate or place it on the spot of the body where is needed, with the labyrinth towards the body and the arrow directed towards the head.
  • Quantum Plates are great to be used in pair of 2 (home use bed) or 8 (profesional tretmans) and are best to be placed in the bed for constant energizing. It is the most useful recovery device in your home that does not lose its characteristics, if its treated well (physically destroyed) unlimited time. 
  • Suitable for all ages, from babies to adults.
  • Position when lying down on bed of 4 Quantum Plates: Turn your legs towards North and your head towards South. The pointers on the panels that point to North should be directed towards North.
  1. Certificated by BION Slovenia - Institut for Bioenergetic field examination
  2. Certificated by Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing, Therapeutic Goods Administration, ARTG Certificate: 168404 Class 1  



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