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The newest Quantum tehnology, Antimicrobe system is consisted of three parts:

AMS No.1 -  Antibacterial ,

AMS No.2 -  Antivirus ,

AMS No.3 -  Anti-fungi

Each of these systems disables the negative effect of bacterias, viruses, fungis, stops their propagation & their toxins creation, that harms the body and turn into sickness.

AMS functions in that way, that it creates a strong energetic field, with frequency that destabilizes the microbes, stops their multiplication & toxins creation.

AMS is completely safe and can be used by anyone. The energy that is reflected from the chips is the energy of metal crystals that is accepted from the body as its own and there is no contraindication. The kids can use it.

The system stops the negative effect of bacteriostasis in the body.

All of these parts are consisted of chips placed on a hard paper. The chips are placed on the Spiral of Theodorus, placed in different order depending on their number. The chips inside are made of metal crystals as magnesium, zinc, copper, tin. AMS No.1 has 10 chips, AMS No.2 has 13 chips, AMS No.3 has 9 chips.

AMS itself creates energy field that is emitted in the surrounding. When used near the body maximum 35-42 cm, this product emits the energy to the body. AMS should face the person. AMS is completely harmless to the organism and could be used by children. By the time the energy is absorbed, the condition of the body becomes more and more. 

It does not use any artificial source of energy. It's not plugged in electricity. It is portable and it can be put close to any part of the body.

By investing in this product helps acquiring total energy balance.

Direction for usage:  Use AMS always when you feel misaligned at least each part 5 minutes a day. For more serious misbalances use 5 minutes, three times a day, five days a role or as is recommended.

Way of usage:  The system is being used in that way, with each of the three parts placed in front of the person being treated, with the chips facing north and the back of the person facing north. The three parts of the body are treated, with each system, the area of ​​head, the area of ​​stomach and the area of ​​genitals. 5 min for AMS No.1 and AMS No.2, three days in a role. If it is needed, more days in a role. The treatment by AMS No.3, part of the body is 5 min, 5 days in a role, three times a day.


- Examined and Certified by the IGEF,  Schleusingen, Germany

- Certified by Australian Government, Department of Health and Aging, Therapeutic Goods Administration,  ARTG Certificate:  168404 Class 1  


Belgrade, Serbia, 11000

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